Purpose:  Allocates a block of memory for use by the MEMORY function.

Format:    ALLOCATE    items

Notes:      The  ALLOCATE  statement is used to set aside a portion of computer RAM to be used by the  MEMORY  function.  The  items   parameter represents the total number of floating point values used in the memory array block.  Each  item  is 4 bytes long.  A single floating point number is 32 bits in length.  If you specify  64K  items   then the total amount of RAM used will be 256K bytes.  The Image Processor upon start up, will initially allocate the bytes specified by the  MAXMEM  parameter located in the configuration file as the initial memory array block . This value is expressed in bytes and not in the 32 bit floating point length as the items  parameter represents. It is not necessary to use the ALLOCATE  statement if the amount of  RAM  specified by the  MAXMEM  parameter is more than needed for your script program.

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