Purpose: Prompts the user to make a yes or no decision.

Format:   PAUSE   variable   textstring

Notes:    The  ASK  statement will display a message box and suspend program execution until the user clicks on the YES  or NO  buttons.  Clicking on the  YES  button will place a  1  in the variable  while clicking on the  NO  button  will return a  0.  textstring  may consist of combinations of text and variables to be printed in the message box. Text must be enclosed in quotes and must be separated from variables by spaces.


# ASK example.
# yes and no are pre-defined in the following 2 statements

yes = 1
no = 0

ask response “Click on a button”

if response = yes
 pause “You hit YES”

if response = no
 pause “You hit NO”


See Also:  PAUSE