Purpose: Select an 8 Bit gray scale Device Independent Bitmap file for graphics output.

Format:    BMP   <filename>

Notes:      When no parameter is given, the filename is automatically generated using the  INPUT_A  base filename.  BMP  files must have an extension of  ' .BMP ' .  The  WINDOW  and  LEVEL  variables are used to scale  the  OUT  value during a  PROCESS  loop.


# Generate noise and display it in a gray scale
# format

# Specify the bitmap output file
image_width = 256
image_height = 256
bmp noise.bmp

# Each pixel is a random value between 0 and 1.

window = 1.0
level = 0.5
process begin
 out = random(1)
process end

See Also:  INFILE    TIFF