Purpose: Select a 24 bit (RGB) Device Independent Bitmap graphics file for output.

Format:    BMP24   <filename>

Notes:      When no parameter is given, the  BMP24  filename is automatically generated using the INPUT_A filename as the base name.  If a text variable name is specified then that variable contains the file name.  BMP24  files must have an extension of  ' .BMP ' .  The  reserved variable names:  RED,  GREEN  and  BLUE  are used  to represent the color mixture and intensity. Intensity values must be within the range of 0 to 1.  Where 0  =  minimum intensity and 1  =  maximum intensity.


# Produce a random color image
image_width = 640
image_height = 480
bmp24 rgbnoise.bmp

process begin
red = random(1)
green = random(1)
blue = random(1)
process end

See Also:   INFILE   TIFF24