Purpose : Convert a color BMP file to a 3 component RGB IMG file.

Format:     BMP2RGB   source BMP filename      destination IMG filename

Notes:      Use this statement to convert a RGB or palette bitmap file to an IMG file.  The resultant 8 bit IMG file will be arranged as 3 consecutive images each in the order of the Red, Green and Blue components respectively.  This is useful for image file processing of color images.


# Sharpen a color bitmap file.

getfile $bmpfile "Select a BMP file"
$imgfile = $temppath "\sharp.img"
$bmpoutfile = $temppath "\sharp.bmp"

bmp2rgb $bmpfile $imgfile
convolve $imgfile sharp3.ker
rgb2bmp $imgfile $bmpoutfile

viewer display $bmpoutfile
viewer notify

See Also:  RGB2BMP