Purpose: Select a 256 color Device Independent Bitmap file for graphics output.

Format:    BMP8    <filename>

Notes:      When no parameter is given, the file name is automatically generated using the  INPUT_A  base file name. BMP8  filenames must have an extension of  ' .BMP ' .  Optional palettes may be loaded from palette files by using the  PALETTE statement prior to the  BMP8  statement.  The  WINDOW  and  LEVEL  variables are used to scale  the  OUT  variable value during a  PROCESS  loop.


# Load an external color palette from the file:
# "color.pal" and generate a color scale image
# in the form of a 256 color bitmap graphics file

input $bmp_img    " Enter BMP File: "
palette color.pal
image_width = 512
image_height = 512
bmp8 $bmp_img

# Color range to be displayed from top to bottom.

window = 256
level = 128
process begin
 out = ypos * .5
process end

See Also:    INFILE    PALETTE    TIFF8