Purpose: Compress Integer IMG Files

Format:    COMPRESS   threshold     image file    <output file>

Notes:      The  COMPRESS  statement will perform loss-less compression to the integer file  image file.  If the optional  <output file>  parameter is specified the compressed image is written to that file, otherwise the original  image file  is replaced.  The  threshold  parameter  value represents the minimum surrounding air values of a CT image.  A value of  -300  is typical. .If no thresholding is desired  then specify the lowest pixel value (-1024 for CT, MRI may vary).


# Compress and replace the loaded viewer files.

$listq = $temppath "\filelist.q"
input_file $listq
finput inum
finput inum


 finput $infile
 compress -300 $infile

inum = inum - 1
if inum > 0
  goto Main