Purpose : Calls a subroutine at the location specified by the label.

Format: GOSUB  label

Notes:   label  must be the name of a subroutine program location. When a  GOSUB  statement is encountered in a script, the script branches to that location. Program control is returned to the next script statement when a  RETURN  statement is encountered.


# Subroutine Demonstration

print "Printing prior to the subroutine call"
GOSUB prt_sub
print "Printing after the subroutine call."

# Always locate subroutines after all other script
# statements. Begin all subroutines with a program
# label.


# Script execution continues....

print "   >>  This printing occurs during the"
print "   >>  execution of the subroutine only."

# Until the "RETURN" statement is encountered.


See Also:  RETURN    LABEL