Purpose: Select an input image file for processing.

Format:    INFILE_x    filename

Notes:      filename  must be a valid file or text variable. When no parameter is given,  the user must enter the filename via the keyboard. If the file does not have a valid  IMG  file format then the image width,  height,  type  and  offset must be specified prior to this statement. An error will occur if the file does not exist. Up to 8 input image files may be selected for processing at any one time.  x  represents the variable to assign each input file.  A  through  H  are assigned to the variables  INA  through  INH  respectively.  These variables are updated and available for calculations for each  PROCESS  loop.

Image Specification Variables
image_type 1 = floating point
2 = integer
3 = byte
image_offset The start of the pixel data in bytes
from the beginning of the file
image_width The width of the image in pixels
image_height  The height of the image in pixels

See Also:  OUTFILE