Purpose:  Perform a minimum filter on an image file

Format:     MINIMUM    input file     output file    <hsize>     <vsize>

Notes:      The  MINIMUM  statement performs a minimum filter process and writes the results to the file specified by the  output file  parameter.  If the input and output filenames are the same then  input file  is replaced.  The optional  <hsize>  and <vsize>    parameters are the area dimensions. If these are omitted then a default of 3x3 is used. If only the  <vsize>  parameter is omitted then this value will use the  hsize  parameter.


getfile $inpfile “Select an input IMG file”
getfile $outfile “Select an output IMG file”

minimum $inpfile $outfile
viewer display $outfile
viewer notify

See Also:    MEDIAN      MAXIMUM