Purpose: Increments the specified file name image number.

Format:    NEXTFILE     text variable

Notes:     text variable   must be a text variable containing a valid image filename. To be a valid filename the variable must contain a numeric value. If a dash (-) character is present then the numerical value proceeding it will be incremented.  The first character of a valid filename must not contain a number.  Leading zeros are not removed.

Valid Nextfile Examples
A0123412.IMG A0123413.IMG
Test-01.BMP Test-02.BMP
File1-45.txt File1-46.txt
temp-99.jpg temp-100.jpg


# Process a series of images in a study by
# specifying the starting image filename and the
# number of images to process into gray scale tiff
# files with a different filename.

getfile $img_file  " Enter 1st Input Image File"
input $tiff_file " Enter 1st TIFF output File"

input total      " Enter # of images"
input window     " Enter Image Window"
input level   " Enter Image Level"


infile_a $img_file
tiff $tiff_file

process begin
 out = ina
process end

# Increment both image file numbers

nextfile $img_file
nextfile $tiff_file

# Perform the same process on the next files
# until the last image is processed

total = total - 1
if total < 1
goto begin

See Also:  GETFILE