Purpose: Select a numeric file for direct read and write access by the MEMORY function.

Format:    OPEN    filename     type

Notes:      The  OPEN  statement  opens a disk file to be accessed by memory  READ  and  WRITE  functions.  If  filename  does not already exist then the file is created. The  type   parameter indicates the data type format to be used by subsequent  READ  or  WRITE  statements.  Any combination of data types may be used within a file provided that an  OPEN  statement with the appropriate  type is executed prior to the next memory  READ  or  WRITE  statement.  The following table lists the available data types.

Memory File Types
flt 32 bit floating point
int 16 bit integer
byt 8 bit byte
swab 16 bit integer (big endian)

The big endian format is a 16 bit signed integer file type.  Each value is stored as 2 consecutive bytes with the MSB stored first,  followed by the LSB.  This is sometimes referred to as the Motorola format.  Bytes are swapped when read into memory to conform to the little endian (or Intel) format.  This format is only valid with the  READ  statement.