Purpose: Stretch or shrink the size of an image file.

Format:    SCALE   Input File     h    < v >    < Output File>

Notes:      Parameter  h  contains the scaling multiplier for the horizontal dimension of the image. If the value specified is more than 1.0 then the image is magnified. A value that is less than  1.0  produces an image that is minified. The  v  parameter is optional and used to provide a separate vertical scaling factor to the image file. If this parameter is omitted then the vertical scaling factor will be the same as specified in the parameter.  If the  <Output File>  is specified then the output is written to this file instead of replacing the original file


# Generate an image and overlay a 1/4 size
# replica on to the full size image file.

image_width = 640
image_height = 480
image_type = 3
outfile example.img
pixel_tot = 255 * 1/(image_width * image_height)
process begin
out = (ypos * image_width + xpos) * pixel_tot
process end

# Copy the image

infile_a example.img
outfile shrunk.img
process begin
out = ina
process end

# Shrink image to 1/4 of original size.

scale shrunk.img .25

# Paste it back on near the upper left corner

paste shrunk.img example.img 30 45

# Stretch the small image and paste also

scale shrunk.img 1.5 2.5
paste shrunk.img example.img 300 200

# Create a viewing picture

infile_a example.img
window = 256
level = 128
process begin
out = ina
process end

delete example.img
delete shrunk.img


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