Purpose:  Calculates the trigonometric sine of a numeric value.

Format:     SIN( value )

Notes:  value  must be a constant or a numeric variable name.  value is an angle specified in radians.  To convert radians to degrees,  multiply by 57.296 .  To convert degrees to radians,  multiply by   0.017453 . (See the discussion of radians under the COS  statement.)


# This script will calculate the sine
# of a user inputted angle in degrees.

input deg " Enter Angle in degrees"

# Convert degrees to radians
rad = deg * 0.017453

# Perform Sine Calculation
sine_rad = sin(rad)

# Convert back to degrees
sine_deg = sine_rad * 57.296

# Print out results

print "The Sine in degrees is " sine_deg
print "The Sine in radians is " sine_rad


See Also:     ATAN  COS   TAN