Purpose: Select an 8 bit gray scale graphics file for image processing output.

Format:    TIFF    <filename>

Notes:  When no  filename  parameter is given, the file name is automatically generated using the  INPUT_A  base file name.  If a text variable is specified then that variable contains the  TIFF  file name.  TIFF  files must have an extension of  ".TIF" . The WINDOW  and  LEVEL variables are used to convert the  OUT variable during a  PROCESS  loop.


# Produce a grey scale image from an IMG file
# to a 8 bit grey scale TIFF file with same name.

getfile $image_file "Select an Input File"
input window      " Enter Window: "
input level       " Enter Level: "

infile_a $image_file

# This TIFF statement has no parameter so the
# file name is auto-generated from the
# INFILE_A filename.


process begin
out = ina
process end

See Also:  BMP     INFILE