Purpose: Select a 24 bit (16.7 Million) color graphics output file for image processing output.

Format:    TIFF24    <filename>

Notes:      When no parameter is given, the  TIFF24  file name is automatically generated using the INPUT_A filename as the base name.  If a text variable name is specified then that variable contains the file name.  TIFF24  files must have an extension of  ".TIF" . Unlike the 8 bit  TIFF  statement the  WINDOW  and  LEVEL variables are not used.  Instead the variables  RED, GREEN  and  BLUE  are used  to represent the color mixture and intensity. Intensity values must be within the range of 0 to 1.  Where 0  =  minimum intensity and  1  =  maximum intensity.  ( Example:  .78  =  78% of maximum ,  .009  =  less than 1% of full intensity ) .


# Produce a color image from a CT image file
# using a simple BGR color generator

getfile $image_file "Select an Input File"
input $tiff_file  "Enter Output TIFF Filename "
infile_a $image_file
tiff24 $tiff_file

fract = 1 / 4096

process begin

# Normalize Ct #'s so we dont have to deal with
# the values less than zero
ina = ina + 1024

# Calulate red intensities as a simple ramp up
red = ina * fract

# Green intensities are at a center peak

if ina < 2049
green = (ina * fract)/2
if ina > 2048
green = 1 - (ina * fract) / 2

# Blue Values are brightest at the lower CT #'s
blue = 1 - (ina * fract)

process end

See Also:  BMP24