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Binary File
fclose Close a file.
fopen Opens a file for read/write access.
fread Reads data from a binary file.
fseek Sets the next access location of a binary file.
fwrite Writes data to a binary file.
Disk Operations
copy Copies a file.
delete Remove a file from the disk.
getfilesize Retrieve the size of a file (in bytes).
mkdir Creates a disk directory.
rename Rename a disk file.
rmdir Deletes a disk directory.
Image Processing
bmp2rgb Convert a color BMP file to a 3 component RGB IMG file.
clip Clip and save a rectangular region of an image file.
createimage Create a new viewer image.
compress Compress an integer IMG file.
convolve Perform a convolution on an image file using an user defined kernel.
getpixel Retrieve the value of a viewer image pixel.
imgstats Produce Means and Standard Deviation statistical IMG files.
maximum Perform a maximum filter on an image file.
median Perform a median filter on an image file.
minimum Perform a minimum filter on an image file
rgb2bmp Convert a triple component RGB IMG file to 24 bit BMP file.
scale Stretch or shrink the size of an image file.
setpixel Set the value of a viewer image pixel.
email Email files and/or messages. 
ftp Upload files via FTP to an internet site. 
atan Calculates the trigonometric arctangent of a numeric value.
cos  Calculates the trigonometric cosine of a numeric value.
log Calculates the natural (base e) logarithm of a numeric value.
random Random number generator
round Round off a numeric value to the next lower whole number.
sin Calculates the trigonometric sine of a numeric value.
sqrt Calculates the square root of a numeric value.
tan Calculates the trigonometric tangent of a numeric value.
Memory Array
allocate Allocates a block of memory for use by the MEMORY function.
memory Provides access to an array of values stored in memory.
open Select a numeric file for direct read and write access by the MEMORY function.
read Load numeric values from a file into memory locations.
write Write numeric values from memory into a specific file location.
Multiple File Processing
bmp Select an 8 Bit gray scale Device Independent Bitmap file for graphics output.
bmp8 Select a 256 color Device Independent Bitmap file for graphics output.
bmp24 Select a 24 bit (RGB) Device Independent Bitmap graphics file for output.
infile Select up to 8 input image files for processing.
outfile Select an output image file for processing.
palette Load a color palette file for use in 256 color graphics files in the process mode.
process Performs high speed calculations on image files.
tiff  Select an 8 bit gray scale graphics file for image processing output.
tiff8 Select an 8 bit color graphics file for image processing output.
tiff24 Select a 24 bit (16.7 Million) color graphics output file for image processing output.
Program Flow
breathe Allows execution of pending commands from other Windows applications during script execution.
exec Execute an external program.
exit Stops program execution and exits the script.
gosub Calls a subroutine at the location specified by the label
goto Transfers program control to a labeled location.
 if  Controls program flow based on the results of a comparison.
label Denotes a named reference point in a script file.
loop Performs a group of one or more high speed calculations as many times as required.
open3d Initalize and start the 3D Engine
pause Pauses script execution and waits for a user response.
return Indicates the end of the execution of a subroutine. 
shell Execute, Open or Print a file. 
trace Suspends normal script execution and allows the user to single step the script.
Text File
finput Assign text or numeric values to a variable from a disk file.
fprint Write text data or numeric values to a disk file.
input_file Select a text file for use in the  FINPUT statement. 
print_file Select a text file for use in the  FPRINT  statement.
Text Variable
mem2txt Set a text variable from values in memory(x).
mid Extracts a subset of characters.
nextfile Increments the specified filename image number.
txt2num Extracts numeric values from a text string.
add Add a viewport to the current page.
click Retrieves the viewport and coordinates from the last mouse click.
getparam Retrieve the current viewport settings.
init Initialize a page of viewports.
paint Refresh the viewport page.
setimage Load a viewport with image data.
show Display the initial page on the viewer.
Viewer Cine Frames
addbmp Adds a Bitmap file to the frame buffer.
addimg Adds an 8 bit img file to the frame buffer.
disable Disables the Cine Control Bar within the viewer.
enable Enables the Cine Control Bar within the viewer.
extract Extract a frame and output to an IMG file.
image Replaces a frame with an IMG file.
setup Initialize the cine frame buffer.
Viewer Control
caption Set text in the Caption Bar.
dualwin Enable or disable the Dual Window W/L mode. 
loadlist Load a list of image files.
lock Disable Prior/Next selection
next Display Next image
prior Display Prior image
process Load or run a script.
tool Select a shape or cursor.
unlock Enable Prior/Next selection.
writeback Set the Compression Write option.
zoom Set the Zoom factor.
Viewer Graphics
arc Draw an arc, circle or ellipse.
clear Clear graphics buffer.
draw Draw graphics in buffer.
font Set text font, size and color.
lineto Draw a line.
moveto Set a X,Y reference point.
pen Set graphics pen parameters.
text Write text over image.
Viewer Image
autowinlev Set the Auto Width/Level option.
display Display an image file.
focus Set the Window Width/Level area.
imagesave Save images in various formats.
isowinlev Set the Iso Density Window W/L
patch Patch an image.
palette Load a palette from a file.
paint Paint the viewer window.
pripalette Load the Primary Palette (Dual Window W/L mode)
priwinlev Set the Primary Window W/L (Dual Window W/L mode)
repaint Re-paint the image
screensave Save the viewer window contents to a file.
secpalette Load the Secondary Palette (Dual Window W/L mode)
secwinlev Set the Secondary Window W/L (Dual Window W/L mode)
winlev Set the Window Width/Level.
User Input/Output
ask Prompts the user for Yes/No response.
busy_cursor Replaces the current cursor with a hour glass cursor.
getfile Allows the user to select a filename from a dialog box and assigns the selection to a text variable.
hide Hides (minimizes) the Image Processor application window.
input Displays a pop-up box to receive user input from the keyboard .
normal_cursor Restores the cursor to the normal arrow cursor.
show Restores (displays) the Image Processor application window.
textbox Displays a dialog box with text from a file.