Creating Multi-Format Pages
  1. Load the images to include in the pages.
  2. Click on the  button.
  3. The Settings dialog box will appear.
  1. Click on the Set Zoom/Pan button to visually adjust the image within the frame.
  2. Click OK to display the 1st page.
  3. Use the image select   function to display subsequent pages (if applicable).

Disabling Multi-Format: Click on the  button again to return to single image mode.

Frame Selection

Pan And Zoom

The Zoom and Pan operation may be applied to selected frames.  When no frames are selected, the operation will apply to all of the frames in the page.

Zoom:  Click on the   button. Drag the mouse up to increase the zoom factor,  down to decrease.

Pan:  Click on the  button.  Drag the mouse in the direction to pan.

Saving Pages

 Pages may be saved to disk using the Save Image As menu function. Enable the Save All Images option to save all of the pages at once.

IMG:  This will save the page(s) in multi-format mode.  All multi-format functions will be enabled when these files are viewed.

JPEG:  A special feature of saving pages in JPEG format is that the text and graphics will be overlayed over the compressed image when viewed with FP Image.  This will create smaller files while displaying the text crisp and sharp as opposed to compressing them along with the image.

Others:  All other formats are saved as normal picture files.