CD Operations

Whenever a valid Dicom CD is detected in the CD ROM drive the Open Dicom CD   button will be enabled. Click on this to open the CD and view the first image file.

To automatically open a CD whenever it is inserted in the drive, Set the [File | DICOM | Dicom CD | Auto Detect CD ] menu option.

Thumbnail Viewer

To enable the Thumbnail Viewer check the [File | DICOM | Dicom CD | Enable Thumbnails ] menu option.   This floating window may be resized, moved or closed at any time.

Dicom File Info Display

Anonymizing Image Files

This feature will allow the user to remove patient (and optionally institution) information from the image files.

Edit the fpimage.cfg file to change any options.

Displaying ECG Plots

To select options, click right inside the ECG window to display the following menu.