Medical Imaging
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Dicom Browser
  • Create a database of Dicom files located on a local or network drive.
  • Choose from files organized by Patient / Series / Images.
  • View Dicom tag information.
  • Anonymize Dicom files
  • Display images with Zoom/Roam and Windowing capabilities.
  • Copy the image and info into the Clipboard.
Dicom Cine Player
  • As easy to use as a CD player.
  • Full screen display.
  • Auto Load/Play Dicom CDs or select files from a local or network drive.
  • Convienent slider bars to adjust frame rate and frame display
  • Multi-Image display from 4/1 to 64/1.
  • Real Time Image Enhancement

FP Image Viewer
  • DICOM, ACR/NEMA and Proprietary formats
  • Loads/View multiple files
  • Save images to clipboard or popular file formats
  • Real Time Window Width/Level
  • Integrated Image Processor
  • Annonymize DICOM image sets 
  • Dicom CD Support
  • Thumbnail Selection
  • ECG Display
  • AVI Conversion
  • Real Time Image Enhancement
  • Image Subtraction/Registration 
  • User selectable size, columns, rows and pages
  • Zoom, Pan and Window all or selected viewports
  • Multi page support
  • Full image processing capability for individual viewports 
  • Save Multi-Image pages to disk
  • Enhanced JPEG compression feature
  • Search entire networks for images
  • Unattended periodic searches for database updating
  • Multiple search fields
  • Load/View by patient, study, series or single image
  • Insert or append images or file sets
  • Save/Recall search results from list files

3D Engine
(Click on an image to play a movie)
MR Angiography
Solid Modeling
X-Ray View