FP Image Features


Image Formats
  • Dicom and ACR/NEMA
  • Floating Point Images
  • AVI, Bitmap, JPEG, PPM/PGM, ASCII,  and other popular formats. 
  • Raw 32, 16 and 8 bit
  • User definable proprietary formats  (more being added)
  • Convert to Dicom on the fly
Image File Viewing
  • Load multiple files/images (hundreds if needed)
  • Anonymize Dicom image sets
  • Sort images in ascending or descending order
  • Convert sequential images into movies (Cine Functions)
Dicom Search Engine
  • Search entire networks for images
  • Unattended periodic searches for database updating
  • Multiple search fields
  • Load/View by patient, study, series or single image
  • Insert or append images or file sets
  • Save/Recall search results from list files
Stand Alone Dicom Browser
  • Create a database of Dicom files located on a local or network drive.
  • Choose from files organized by Patient / Series / Images.
  • View Dicom tag information.
  • Anonymize Dicom files
  • Display images with zoom and real-time Window Width/Level capabilities.
  • Copy the image and info into the Clipboard and paste them to other applications. 
Full Screen Cine Player
  • As easy to use as a CD player.
  • Full screen display.
  • Auto Load/Play Dicom CDs or select files from a local or network drive.
  • View and process gray scale AVI files.
  • Convienent slider bars to adjust frame rate and frame display.
  • Multi-Image display from 4/1 to 64/1.
  • Zoom and real-time Window Width/Level capabilities.
  • CD Thumbnail View / Selection
  • Real Time Image Processing
    • Edge Enhancement / Detection
    • Minimum, Median and Maximum Filters
    • Interactive Variable Filter (Smooth to Sharp)
    • 2 and 3 Frame Averaging
    • Repetitive Operations
  • Copy the image into the Clipboard and paste them to other applications.
Cine and Animation
  • Automatically open and display Dicom CDs
  • Select files from thumbnail images.
  • Synchronized ECG Display
  • Save cine runs as AVI movies (batch mode for unattended conversion of up to hundreds of files)
  • Save single or multiple frames to other graphic file formats
  • Real Time Frame Image Enhancement includes:
    • Frame Averaging
      Edge Enhancement
      Edge Detection
      Minimum, Median and Maximum Filters
      Interactive Variable Filter
      User defined filters, convolutions and image processing routines
  • Image Subtraction from multiple masks and user image registration
Image Manipulation
  • Psuedo Color
  • Real Time Window Width/Level
  • User Definable W/L Presets
  • Dual Windowing Operation (with color)
  • Iso Density Display
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Ruler display
  • Gray/Color Scale display
  • Image parameters overlay (user definable)
  • Copy to clipboard (Entire or Partial)
  • Snapshot to a graphics file
  • Save single or multiple images to other graphic file formats (including user defined)
  • Standard formats include: Bitmap, JPEG, Raw, ASCII, TIFF, IMG, etc.
Multi Format
  • User selectable rows, columns and pages
  • Real Time Pan and Zoom of individual or multiple viewports
  • Save multiple pages in IMG or JPEG format
  • Mean and Standard Deviation
  • Multi Image Volume ROI Statistics (including Iso Density)
  • Pixel Profile
  • Histogram
  • Linear Distance and Angle Measurements
  • Many others including user defined
Image Processing
  • Powerful 64 bit floating point image processor
  • Easy to use scripting language
  • Execute scripts interactively (i.e. drawing shapes or mouse clicks)
  • Choose from dozens of existing scripts or write your own
  • Add scripts directly to the menu
3D Engine
  • Multi-Planar Reconstruction
  • Solid Modeling
  • X-Ray View Rendering
  • Animations