Available Software Packages

Attention Trial Version Users: 
The 30 day trial version that you have been using is the full version.  Please keep this in mind when selecting the product that is right for you.

Dicom Browser  FREE ! Click here for details
  • Create a database of Dicom files located on multiple local or network drives
  • Periodic (User defined) updating of database 
  • Choose from files organized by Patient / Series / Images 
  • View Dicom tag information 
  • Anonymize Dicom files 
  • Display images with zoom and real-time Window Width/Level capabilities 
  • Copy the image and info into the Clipboard and paste them to other applications 
  • Full Cine Play Mode for 8 bit multi-frame image files  * 
  • Save Cine runs as AVI files  * 
  • View/Process selected images with an external viewer  *

  • * Available during the trial period or in any registered version

Basic Viewer Package 
  • View a 32 bit floating point, 16 bit integer and 8 bit image
  • Reads a DICOM, PGM, Raw and ASCII image file
  • Export to a BMP, IMG, PGM, JPEG or a Raw image file 
  • Real Time Window Width/Level 
  • TWAIN compatible image capture
  • Pseudo Color/Gamma Control

  • Price: $195.00   Click here to order

DICOM Cine Review Work Station   Click here for details
  • Full screen display
  • As easy to use as a CD player
  • Single or batch DICOM to AVI Conversion
  • Auto Load/Play Dicom CDs or select files from a local or network drive
  • View and process gray scale AVI files 
  • Convienent slider bars to adjust frame rate and frame display 
  • Multi-Image display from 4/1 to 64/1 
  • Zoom and real-time Window Width/Level capabilities 
  • CD Thumbnail View / Selection
  • Real Time Image Processing Functions 

  • Special Introductory Price: $495.00   Click here to order

Full Version   Click here for details
    Includes all of the above features plus
  • Powerful 64 bit Image Processing Scripting Language
  • Multi File Stack Viewing (up to 1024 files)
  • Reads Proprietary and User Defined Formats 
  • Batch Image Conversion
  • Cine Frame Processor
  • Synchronized ECG Display
  • Cine Image Subtraction/Registration
  • AVI Movie Converter
  • Multi Format Page Builder
  • User defined ROI shapes
  • 3D Engine
  • DICOM Search Engine
  • Batch DICOM Annonymizer

  • Price: $1995.00   Click here to order